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Ulla Johnson

Born and raised in Manhattan, the daughter of archaeologists, Ulla Johnson honed her signature style between the streets of New York and the far-flung destinations of their family travels. Her eponymous line, founded in 1998 just after her graduation from university, immediately caught the attention of the fashion press.

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Ulla Johnson Adalia Coverup
Ulla Johnson Adalia Coverup Sale price$350.00
Ulla Johnson Fiora Dress
Ulla Johnson Fiora Dress Sale price$790.00
Ulla Johnson Elin Dress
Ulla Johnson Elin Dress Sale price$590.00
Ulla Johnson Bernadette BlouseUlla Johnson Bernadette Blouse
Ulla Johnson Desi DressUlla Johnson Desi Dress
Ulla Johnson Desi Dress Sale price$520.00
Ulla Johnson Leila TopUlla Johnson Leila Top
Ulla Johnson Leila Top Sale price$390.00
Ulla Johnson Ruby TopUlla Johnson Ruby Top
Ulla Johnson Ruby Top Sale price$290.00
Ulla Johnson Emilia SkirtUlla Johnson Emilia Skirt
Ulla Johnson Emilia Skirt Sale price$490.00
Ulla Johnson Erika SkirtUlla Johnson Erika Skirt
Ulla Johnson Erika Skirt Sale price$390.00
Ulla Johnson Aberdeen DressUlla Johnson Aberdeen Dress
Ulla Johnson Aberdeen Dress Sale price$620.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Paola CardiganUlla Johnson Paola Cardigan
Ulla Johnson Paola Cardigan Sale price$210.00 Regular price$420.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Rosalind DressUlla Johnson Rosalind Dress
Ulla Johnson Rosalind Dress Sale price$195.00 Regular price$390.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Alita DressUlla Johnson Alita Dress
Ulla Johnson Alita Dress Sale price$210.00 Regular price$420.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Cecile DressUlla Johnson Cecile Dress
Ulla Johnson Cecile Dress Sale price$235.00 Regular price$470.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Othella Dress
Ulla Johnson Othella Dress Sale price$445.00 Regular price$890.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Arlo PlaysuitUlla Johnson Arlo Playsuit
Ulla Johnson Arlo Playsuit Sale price$195.00 Regular price$390.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Leica Shorts
Ulla Johnson Leica Shorts Sale price$185.00 Regular price$370.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Wren TopUlla Johnson Wren Top
Ulla Johnson Wren Top Sale price$125.00 Regular price$250.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Jessa Dress
Ulla Johnson Jessa Dress Sale price$195.00 Regular price$390.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Sarai DressUlla Johnson Sarai Dress
Ulla Johnson Sarai Dress Sale price$395.00 Regular price$790.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Lila DressUlla Johnson Lila Dress
Ulla Johnson Lila Dress Sale price$225.00 Regular price$450.00
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Lali Dress
Ulla Johnson Lali Dress Sale price$645.00 Regular price$1,290.00